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Telecommunications providers have been used to living and operating in an industry that for years didn't change - the monopoly environment. What we must come to terms with now is the fact that our industry is changing drastically. We are in the midst of both an Evolution and a Revolution - new rules, new players, new technologies all shaping the way we continue to do what we,ve done so well in the past. Who Moved My Cheese? serves as a catalyst for helping companies assess their current situation, set new plans into action, and learn to deal with, conquer, and even welcome change. In short, what the book brings to light, is this: We need to move forward with change - to adapt, to survive - or run the certain risk of being left behind. Who Moved My Cheese? is a book about change and how a person adjusts to it. The cheese represents what a person wants to have in life such as a successful career, a family, closer relationships or even money. There are certain circumstances in life that cause change and there are different routes a person can take to adjust to it. For example, when change occurs in someone's life, especially unwelcome change, many adapt the "It's not fair  attitude and instead of making something happen, they will wait for something to happen. On the other hand, a person may choose to seek opportunity and see change as a positive thing instead of negative. The message of the book is always to be ready to find new cheese because nothing in life is ever certain. It is up to each person to make the choice of how to deal with it. I personally have a few goals that I would like to reach. There are always things in life you strive for and hope to obtain. For me, I think finishing school is important in my life and what follows from that. Most of all, I would like to have a successful career once I am out of school. Change is not something to be taken

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