Kenosha Sheriff Department Case Study

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Jonathan Beale Mr. Samuel Lopez Kenosha Sheriff Department Kenosha Sheriff Department is ran by Sheriff David Beth which is currently in his third term as Sheriff. Sheriff Beth started his career with the Sheriff department at the age of 21 and was the last deputy to be hired under the old department and was the youngest to ever be hired at the Sheriff’s Department. He started as a patrol deputy working all three shifts and was selected by his former boss to become the DARE Officer. Under the DARE program he drew thousands of county residents into the program and dropped the drug rate by 85%. Because of his knowledge on how to lead the citizens, and overcome such a major drug problem, the citizens of Kenosha County first elected him to office in November 2002, 2006 and 2010. Sheriff Beth is in command of over 310 employees and has an annual budget of 36 million dollars. Kenosha Sheriff Department is a multi task department. When most people think of the Sheriff they think of traffic, tickets and the County Jail. Both those things the department handles along with a variety of other task for Kenosha County. The department deputies of course conduct traffics stops, but they also respond to a vast range of calls. Assisting…show more content…
Under his command is the Tactical Response Team which handles high risk warrants, stand off situations, hostage situations, active shooting, manhunts, high risk prisoner transport, Federal Fugitive Apprehension assists, and Security Consultation. His biggest job is the county two jails which is the third largest jails in the state of Wisconsin. Other agency under the Chief deputy is the Detective Bureau, which is manned by 13 detectives who is assigned to five different units with in the Bureau. The General assignment Unit, Juvenile Crimes unit, Consumer Fraud unit, Sensitive Crimes unit, and Warrant notifications

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