Kennan Ap English Essay

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Kennan When you are harassed or have unpleasant situations, you have the power and personal choice to call for a case, with no one to stop you. When you are cruising down a highway and see a police car flashing its lights behind you, what do you do? Stop, thats what, for a simple reason; you have been enforced by a person who has greater power than you. This conveys the notion that we all have power to some degree, even though some people have more power than others. Nevertheless, power is power and one must be grateful that he/she is in possession of it. All of these aspects of power make the United States what it is today. If people did not have power, they would feel oppressed and neglected, therefore people would move out of the U.S and immigration would cease. This has been known to occur in many countries such as Libya. The U.S. Would be destroyed if such a situation were to occur. This is why there is no “pure form” of an establishment that is the gears to central political will. This U.S. would not be the same if all power resided with the government instead of the common people for there would be much control over the people and censorship would increase dramatically. In order for a country to be stable and prosperous, the general over power must be dispersed and allotted to all people, not just the government. Power with us exists in everyday life such as in police establishments and courts. In order for a country to gain power, the people must gain it

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