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To the great misfortune of Dr. Caldeira, when this reader hears the words “global warming” and “climate manipulation” her first response is to tune it all out. Regrettably, there comes a time when even a self-proclaimed cynic must put all former prejudices aside and is expected to (open mindedly, mind you) acknowledge such subject matter in the form of an article, Dr. Caldeira’s article to be specific. All that this reader is looking for is a shred of legitimacy, a little backbone to what the man is saying. As interesting as Dr. Caldeira’s claims may be, without proper acknowledgement of outside sources and authorities, Caldeira’s article has, to quote the saying, “no leg to stand on”. The premise of “The Great Climate Experiment” is quite simple. The article details the various cause and effect cases related to CO2 emission in the atmosphere. Ken Caldeira, a global ecologist and professor at Carnegie Mellon, explores these possibilities through a diverse…show more content…
In rapid fire, Caldeira produces countless claims of tedious research, damning data, and striking statistics. He wields these numbers with the same artistry as some desperate contemporary painter, splatters of random color on the canvas that is this article. Surely, it all must mean something significant. But, who conducted this research? Where is this authority on crops that sees the figurative writing on the wall? Please, Dr. Caldeira, this reader is on the edge of her seat. Bring forth the evidence! Well, there’s the kicker; the evidence is nowhere to be found and (intentionally or not) the sources of Caldeira’s extravagant claims have been placed well out of reach of the reader. I suppose being a professor and self-proclaimed “expert” should be good enough. My most sincere apologies, Dr. Caldeira the All Knowing, maybe this reader was foolish to question

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