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I'm so glad to have you as the district's new compliance officer, and I'm excited that you will be working with the Kelsey Elementary school! One of your most pressing issues here at the school is Language Arts Compliance team, which you will lead. The school didn't achieve the required scores this year. The team is stuck, and I need you help them. Here is a list of team members I recommend reviewing the information 1. Mrs. Matthew kindergarten teacher 2. Mrs. Lucero 1st grade 3. Mr. Simms 2nd grade 4. Miss Corley 3rd grade 5. Mrs. Goins 4th grade 6. Dr. Wilt 5th grade Then you have a moderator until now we had a meeting for the team and it was very contentious. This is the fourth consecutive meeting that Mrs. Goins has missed, and the only point of agreement among other team members seemed to be criticizing her. Mrs. Matthew and Mr. Simms emphasize the importance of early childhood learning theory and bringing play and real world examples into the classroom-approaches that Dr. Ronald and Miss. Corley argue are inappropriate for children beyond first or second grade. Dr.Ronald and Mrs. Lucero are adamant about focusing on encouragement and involvement, but their approaches are very different. Dr. Ronald -a great talent-is absolutely convinced that his approaches are best, while Mrs. Lucero-one of Dr. Ronald's mentors from last year-seems to lack confidence in her approach and grow increasingly frustrated. Miss Corley consistently reminds the team that they need to set high expectations for the students, and she is consistently drowned out by the other teachers calling her approach unsympathetic and unreasonable. At this meeting, I had to step in several times when the conversation turned toward name-calling and complaining rather than constructive problem-solving. The outcome of the meeting was that the team would reconvene in one week, with me as the

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