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Walmart Case Analysis 1. Do you feel the entry of a Walmart supercenter in a small trade area (<200000 population) is positive or negative for the quality of life in that area? Defend your answer after taking a pos. or neg. position. I believe that, although there are many negative consequences that come along with the introduction of a new Walmart, that they are beneficial to the quality of life for a community. Te he introduction of a new store brings new jobs to the community, ones that might not have ever been created, had it not been for this store being built. It provides one stop shopping for people of that area and also provides goods at a price much cheaper than a “mom and pop” store could have. This fact alone is going to boost revenue for the town. While some might be upset by the closing of little stores that could possibly happen because of this, it is going to end up being more beneficially to the general community in the long run. More jobs keep more people employed. 2. Which members of a community might typically oppose a Walmart supercenter? What are their objectives? How can walmart answer these complaints? I believe that the biggest opposers are going to the be the ones who have invested in the town with their own businesses. The owners of mom and pop stores might be the biggest. With Walmart being able to charge such low prices, it is only a matter of time before the stores get shut down. There is also the group of people who want to keep their town the way it is. Small. There are often people that are very opposed to change within a small town and do not want to see it turn into a booming large city. Those people could fearing that what makes their small city great will be taken away if walmart comes in and sets up shop. Walmart could put their minds at ease by stating that yes, the new store may end up pushing other stores to
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