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Graffiti originated in ancient Italy as drawings on sculptures and walls. Graffiti was found in 1851 in the ruins of Pompeii. The Romans consider graffiti as a form of urban art. Westerners consider graffiti as vandalism, unless given permission to create graffiti. Graffiti has been around for millions of years. Graffiti originated as tagging, or writing your name on a street sign. Afterwards, gangs would use graffiti as a way to mark their territory. Graffiti inspires artists to come out of their shell and use graffiti as a form of expression. Graffiti started moving from the streets, to busses, to subways, and to buildings. Graffiti is a much more direct way of showing an artists' opinions. This art can be expressed freely for all citizens to see. Over the years, graffiti has become much more recognizable as a sign of art. More and more citizens are promoting and allowing graffiti artists to show off their talent and show off their message in the streets. Four principles of art that graffiti art uses often are a spray paint, glue/spray adhesive acrylic paint, a palette for your paint and a wide paint brush. Artists tend to use these principles when painting big buildings and big billboards. Four elements of art that graffiti art uses often are throw-up, stickers, piece and heaven. Throw-up is a little bit complicated, colored in with 2 or 3 colors and is done quickly in bubble letters. Stickers are common to see on free address levels and take a lot of time to create. Piece is very complex with at least 3 colors and legal to make. Heaven is a piece put up in a very hard to reach location on the top of tall buildings or on freeway
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