Keeping the Flag Essay

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Since the age of eight, I have pledged my allegiance to two flags. I have pledged my allegiance not only to those two physical flags, but to their histories and the lessons they have taught us as Americans. Those two flags were the American and Confederate flags. With knowledge only of the present and the future, I knew that those two flags stood for something great in our past; something which has made our country grow and develop. Both of these flags have histories, but some have chosen to focus only on the bitterness of the past, rather than the resulting present. Some people believe certain minorities, as a whole, are offended by the histories of these flags, when in reality only a relatively small group of people are against the manifestation of these histories. I’ve seen hundreds of people of all different races, nationalities, religions, and creeds recite the same words to show their appreciation for the history these flags represent. Despite the pride these flags bring, people have chosen to attempt to ban the Confederate flag because of the worst part of its history. If we were to ban pieces of our history simply because we find certain parts offensive, what with every scandal, murder, corrupted person, war, and ounce of hatred, we would no longer have a country to be proud of. We would have a false history, with perfectly blind people having been the resulting factor to lead us into our future. We would have no mistakes to learn from; no losses to counterbalance our victories. We would be a people unable to realize just how horrible and beautiful history can be. For this reason, I believe we should learn to wear our mistakes proudly. I believe the Confederate flag should remain a symbol of American history. By Emily

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