Keeping Secerts In a Marriage Essay

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Cause and Effects: Keeping Secrets in a Marriage Some Marriages have little secrets that sometimes can be a burden on your life. How do you move on with your everyday life to someone you love so dear, like Nora loved Torvald? Nora kept a secret from Torvald through their marriage; she kept from him a dirty little secret that would change their almost perfect marriage. Nora had borrowed money to save her husband’s life and then kept the secret from her father as well. In A Dolls House , the author, Henrik Ibsen makes the character Nora state that: it was impossible; Pa-pa was so ill, if I had asked him for his signature, I should have had to tell him what the money was to be used for; and when he was so ill himself I couldn’t tell him that my husbands life was in danger it was impossible (Ibsen23). Nora had to have her father’s signature for this money and her father fell ill. He passed on soon after. Having said this, the date with her father’s signature was three days after his death. Nora was not the only one who knew her little secret. Nora is paying back the money to Mr. Krogstad, but since Torvald terminated Krogstad, he tells her dirty little secret. How has this secret related to some marriages you see in the world today? The causes that a secret can have can be weighed heavily on a marriage. Some people do not want their secret told to the other partner because of what they would say and their reaction. Just like the book A Dolls House, when Torvald describes: “Just how guilty a man like that has to lie and play the hypocrite with everyone, how he has to wear a mask in the presence of those near to him, even before his wife and children” (27). This quote from Torvald would make anyone with a secret feel

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