Keeping Children Safe

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Unit 3: Supporting children. Task 1: Provide a list of five ways, with reasons that you have been a positive role model for children in your setting. Communicating effectively with others. 1. As a practitioner it is very important to be able to communicate with other members of staff and parents and the children in a respectful manner, and to be able to discuss any concerns you may have with another member of staff for example if you have any concerns about a child in your care. It is also important to remember the importance of being able to communicate with the children’s parents effectively and to make them feel welcome when they come inside of the classroom and to always try your hardest to answer any questions they may have if you cannot answer the questions get back to them straight away. Personal Hygiene. 2. I was a positive role model when I told all of the children about the importance of washing hands before they eat their fruit at playtime or lunch at dinner time. Me and my placement supervisor encouraged the children to wash their hands before playtime and at the start and end of lunchtime. This is encouraging the child to have a good sense of personal hygiene. Manners and being polite. 3. As a practitioner it is important to always be well mannered and courteous as the children learn from adults and if you are well mannered and polite at all time for example if a child shows you something they have made themselves you will take it from them and say thank you. It is important to always be polite as the children will learn from this and take this into consideration when talking to the other children and other staff around the school. Praise and Encouragement 4. As a practitioner it
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