Keeping and Managing Information Essay

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Keeping When we come into contact with information, we may choose to discard or keep it. We may keep various pieces of information through keeping paper, email, contacts, webpages and photos. When we keep information there are certain problems we encounter with each of these various sources. Usually when we use paper, we store all kinds of information on it. With the continuous advancement of technology we are quickly moving away from the use of paper and looking towards more digital means of storing information. With paper there is often not enough storage for the amount of information. When the time comes to clean out and discard some of this paper, people often find it difficult. People tend to struggle with problems like information overload leading to only half processing information because there is too much information given in a small amount of time, causing one to put information aside and not fully examine its importance. They have deferred evaluation of what to discard and what to keep; they tend to over evaluate what they need. They retain information with the slightest chance they may need to make use of it later. People perceive the importance of information differently. What is important for one person may not necessarily be important to another. People are more likely to throw away information on paper that is also stored digitally. There are 3 types of unique data; working notes, archives of completed projects, and legal documents. How easily available a document is important to a working person as they may not have the time or exploitation costs to manually search for a piece of data. A large issue with archives is that people may not trust the ability of the external database to store their data. People often have issues releasing information as it is part of their intellect and professional identity. An email is seen as actionable

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