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Keeper’ N Me Essay “At the beginning of the nineteenth century we abandoned tradition, it’s at that point that I intended to renew it because the present is built on the past just as the past was built on the times that went before it,” a quotation by Adolf Loos who makes the connection between a person knowing their traditions and in turn finding their own identity. This is proves true in Richard Wagamese’s novel Keeper’ N Me as Wagamese teaches the reader about the importance of tradition and its influence on one’s identity by showing the main character, Garnet Raven’s, journey to find the Native culture, which has been lost and in doing so he finds himself after being lost for many years. Garnet has struggled with his true identity since…show more content…
While on the vision quest, Garnet sets up camp at the old cabin where he was born on his family’s old land. All that remains of the cabin is a bunch of rotted logs, which make up the foundation of the cabin that once stood, this is a symbolic foundation of Garnet and his past. Another way that Garnet connects to his roots while on his vision quest is when an eagle appears to Garnet symbolizing that his native ancestors are welcoming him back home to where he belongs. By appearing to Garnet it means that he is worthy of seeing his ancestors. When the eagle flies away from Garnet it leaves behind a feather, this is a great honor in native culture as keeper tells Garnet, “someone shoe courage, faith, humility, love, anythin’ like that. Any one of them spiritual qualities meant to help people, we give them a feather. It’s a big thing. Somethin’ you gotta earn. Earn by livin’ right and good,” (Wagamese, 258). The eagle feather means that Garnet has become a good Indian because he is a good person and has found his identity by learning the traditions and the culture of his people. Now that Garnet has learned who he is and where he comes from because he leaned about his past, he knows that the reservation is his home and it is where he

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