Keep Talking Communicative Essay

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In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements For Literary Criticism SOCIOLOGICAL SA KATUNGKULAN SA BAYAN Sa Katungkulan sa Bayan Urbana at Felisa is a text written by Modesto de Castro that aims to educate the public regarding good manners and proper conduct especially in public dealings. The construction and development of safe, peaceful, fair and prosperous society is very difficult to obtain. Although it is difficult and long process we must devote serious attention, because the benefit here is the children and the generations. To achieve this kind of society, we must recognize that we have in our hands the synthesis thereof. Every citizen is part and pillar of society. The status and structure of society is illustrated by developing its people. To be a good side and strong pillar of society, necessarily have to change ourselves. It is achieved by identifying and fulfilling our mission as creatures of God, members of the society and the world. Our first duty is to believe and respect God. The second is to be responsible, caring and useful member of the society, respect yourself, loving and caring to your family, helper, caring nature and loyal to the country. The third is our duty to do the things we do with our expectations of others in times of danger, and emergency needs. Only by fulfilling the above functions we build a safe, peaceful, fair and prosperous country, where the citizens have the security, dignity and opportunity to develop themselves. With just the reality of the above functions, we achieved a clean, orderly, honest, fair and caring government. So we observe the aforementioned duty to secure for ourselves the dream society. We do it for the glory of God and for the sake of our families, neighbors and Motherland. I’d like to recommend this literary piece to the high school students to read and learn the lessons that they can

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