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SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROJECT REPORT ON PSYCHOMETRIC TESTS FOR RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION AT LARSEN AND TOUBRO HEAVY ENGINEERING DIVISION IN PARTIAL FULLFILLMENT OF AWARD OF MASTER BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION- HUMAN RESOURCE SUBMITTED BY: ADITI GAUTAM A0102309173 MBA-HR AMITY BUSINESS SCHOOL AMITY UNIVERSITY INTRODUCTION Today one of the most important decisions faced by any organization is recruiting the right people. Some organizations appear to be highly effective while others struggle. Recruitment and selection plays a vital role in planning of human resource of an organization. Recruitment is the process of identifying and attracting a group of potential candidates from within and outside the organization to evaluate for employment. Once these candidates are identified, the process of selecting appropriate employees for employment can begin. This means collecting, measuring, and evaluating information about candidates¶ qualifications for specified positions. Organizations use these practices to increase the likelihood of hiring individuals who have the right skills and abilities to be successful in the target job. This research is divided into two parts. Part one of this research includes deals with the comparative analysis of the recruitment models L&T and Godrej & Boyce. Conducting a gap analysis of the recruitment model of L&T. Part two of this research deals with the study of psychometric tests which are used in the recruitment and selection process and proposing a recruitment model for L&T. PSYCHOMETRIC TESTS Psychometric tests have been used since the early part of the 20th century and were originally developed for use in educational psychology. These days, outside education, we are most likely to encounter psychometric testing as part of the recruitment or selection process. Tests of this sort are devised by occupational

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