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The unknown Australian soldier is a symbol to the thousands of Australian soldiers that have died in war in the past century, both known and unknown. Prime Minister Paul Keating’s speech at the Funeral service of the unknown soldier, on Rememberance Day , 1993 was one that deeply moved all those that heard it . The speech is one that has lived on through history because of its impact due to its construction and effective techniques. Keating’s speech and delivery of the speech is in match with its context, a eulogy. Throughout the speech Keating remains rather monotonous , allowing the audience to appreciate the sombreness and seriousness of the subject matter, recognising and honouring all those Australians who have fought and died for their country in war. Keating himself was a nationalist who believed that all Australians should take part in a sense of national identity, and being Prime Minister, the speech was heard by the whole country. Keating emphasised this theme by such lines as “He is all of them. He is one of us,” by using inclusive terms like “us” he reaches out to all Australians regardless of gender, race, age, religion etc. and provides them with a sense of pride and unity. The speech covers a range of themes from…show more content…
The introduction only consists of one line “We will never know who this Australian was”- Keating goes straight into the topic and begins the speech with the word “we” addressing the whole audience, note that he also finishes with the word “us.” The paragraphing also marks a pause, which gives time for the audience to think or dwell on what has been said. Keating repeatedly uses this technique throughout the speech , having long paragraphs followed by short/one line paragraphs. This encourages the audience to remain interested or focused and fully understand what the message trying to be conveyed
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