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24730 – Marketing Strategy [pic] Title: Strategic Alignment of CSR and Brand Recognition UTS: BUSINESS SCHOOL OF MARKETING __________________________________________________________ Case Report Prepared By: Executive summary 3 Literature review 3 Strategic analysis 6 Recommendations 3 Appendix 10 References 30 Executive summary Over the past two decades, CSR has been incrementally increasing in importance for many companies, but it has never been more important than it is today. In today’s marketplace, CSR is identified as one of the major risks facing companies. Those companies who do not act face losing brand equity and potential loss of market share through consumer backlash and boycotting of product lines. Although KCA has a strong CSR policy and have achieved much in this area; our research has shown that they are not overly visible in the market nor are their CSR initiatives integrated with their marketing communications. They are at a disadvantage as many of their CSR activities are being undertaken at the company level, with minimal flow on effect at the brand level. This is due to the company not using their corporate brand as an umbrella brand for their product lines. Our literature review supports our view that KCA should be doing more in the way of communicating their CSR message, though there is debate over whether it is possible to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage from such actions. Despite this, we believe KCA need to be seen on par with their competitors’ actions in this area. Our competitive review provided some great examples of companies who are not only integrating their CSR message with their company’s operations, but also their marketing communications and product lines. This demonstrated that if CSR is strategically aligned with a product offering, there is an

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