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Katrina - What Went Wrong? Essay

  • Submitted by: CarlosE16
  • on August 8, 2012
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Carlos Espinoza

July 11, 2012

Politics of Katrina

What Went Wrong During Katrina: Political View.

On August 29th, 2005, the city of New Orleans suffered one the worst   natural

disaster in the history of our nation. State, local and federal authorities failed to

heed the warnings of Hurricane Katrina’s intensity. The disorganized response

reflected communication failures and weak leadership at all levels of government.

According to a report published by Time Magazine, the authors wrote, “is a litany of

mistakes, misjudgments, lapses and absurdities all cascading together.

The Emergency Preparedness Plan in place at the time of the storm was

heavily flawed and ineffective. Let’s begin with the citizens of New Orleans. The

metropolitan area has a history with hurricanes ever since the city was built in

colonial times. Hurricane’s Betsy, Camille and Andrew all made landfall near New

Orleans. The aftermaths of these past storms brought to light the vulnerability of the

city’s geographical characteristics. The citizens of New Orleans long have had a

debatable perception when it has come to the Media and making the decision to

leave the city. The Media and local authorities had the obligation to relay the real

consequences of staying behind. However, they both failed collectively by not

relaying a clear and dangerous message to the citizens of the city. This along with a

past false evacuations where no damage occurred, led many to decide to stay and

ride a catastrophic Category 5 storm headed directly to the city.

Secondly the city’s Emergency Preparedness Plan was heavily flawed and

failed to   supply citizens with no means of getting out or with disabilities a safe

option of fleeing. The Mandatory Evacuation was not made soon enough. Facing the

severity and strength of the storm,   local officials failed to give citizens the ample

necessary time to leave the city. There...

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