Katrina Hurricane Essay

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*I believe hurricane Katina affected different racial groups the same way. All racial background had the same effect as each other. African Americans where just more affected by this storm than others, because of not being able to flee the city, because of financial situations. In the video, they said the city is in 28 percent below poverty and 120,000 households are without any kind of transportation. Most of this people were African Americans. Most of them have to go out to look for food and water. They still the other percent of poor that are not black that was affect by the storm. There was a white family that talked to the reporter and said,* there is no one that has stop to help them out. They had to go out and look for food and water their family. They still live in their home, but are not really in a healthy condition to live in. Every time Fema will advertise food at a certain location, they would not be there when they get there. All Katrina victim that resulted in no home or family with them, were supply with a shelter that had things set up for them. In the video they had discuss a problem that happened with a black family and a white family. The lady said her family had to sleep on the floor and let the white family sleep on the bed. There were no witness to this, but things like this are started to go on *now.I* believe racial discrimination did not play a part in the hurricane. There was all kind of race that had tragedy due to this storm. There were blacks and whites that lived in the same poverty and needed help that they didn’t get it. I think in this situation it’s more about what kind of class you are in. Since the high and middle class had stapes income, they *where*able to afford property insurance for situation like this. They were able to flee the city and take most of their stuff with them. Unlike the low class, they were unable

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