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Unit 207 Outcome 1 1) Define person- centred values:- * Individuality- is an individual a person or a specific object. Individuality (or selfhood) is the state or quality of being an individual, particularly of being a person separate from other persons for instance what his or her own needs or goals are. * Rights-everyone is entitled to their own rights and are able to do what they feel they would like or want to do in the an area, or for instance in a home if they would rather have a certain meal or wear a certain clothing they have the right to do so and we must give them that independence. * Choice- the individual has the choice of making their own decision this may well be what they feel they’d like to do for instance, have a lie in refuse medication and if so even refuse care, but if this were to happen we must persuade and explain why personal care is important if ever occurred. * Privacy- everyone must have their own privacy as they have the right to be left also if feel to do so also when needed, having privacy also gives them that space to settle and have time alone to do what they would like to do or just for some quietness. * Independence- independency is very important and should not be talking or forced to do anything they do not want to do, if the individuals independence e was taken away what else do they have if they cannot do what they like feel or even do something for themselves instead of done for them. * Dignity- when giving personal care to the individual the area must be secluded so that no one from the outside can see them when personal care is given, but also when giving the care must cover the areas at always if you were to wash the top half in bed then you would cover bottom half from any indignity from others. * Respect-the individual must always be respected, no matter what the circumstances are thus

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