Kathy's Character Outcome in the Whistleblower

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Kathy's Character Outcome in The Whistleblower A whistleblower is defined as a person who informs another or makes public disclosure of corruption or wrongdoing. Human sex trafficking is a thirty-two billion dollar industry, involving over twelve million people internationally. Sex trafficking is a form of sexual exploitation/slavery. This movie takes place in Bosnia after the Balkan War. The Whistleblower is a non-fiction story written by Kathryn Bolkovac and later made into a major motion picture by director Larysa Kondracki. Kathy’s character goes through enormous changes after witnessing hundreds of innocent young girls being tortured and killed. Kathryn Bolkovac starts off as an ordinary female police officer, and is then put through such an extraordinary number of psychological “games” that she becomes a much different person by the end of the story. According to her ex-husband, Kathy is married to her job. She is looking for a transfer so that she can move closer to her daughter whose custody was gained by her ex-husband. A paper hangs on the bulletin at her station offering tax free work with huge payoffs. However, Kathy would need to travel to a foreign country. What she would come to find here would change her forever. Kathy originally travels to Bosnia in order to make some quick cash. This single mother wants to do the best thing for her children. The transfers to closer stations are not holding out. When all else fails, she decides to take up the posted offer of big cash for a small period of work in Bosnia as a United Nations peacekeeper. There is no reason for Kathy to be traveling half way around the world, away from her daughter, other than the large amount of money being offered. However, after a short time in Bosnia, Kathy becomes very committed to the cases. Never truly being exposed to such horrible treatment of women, there

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