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Destroying Avalon The 2006 published novel “Destroying Avalon” by Kate McCaffrey is a story that follows the dramatic life of a fourteen-year-old girl named Avalon Maloney who moved from a small rural town called Grace Point to the coastal suburbs of Sorrento in Perth. Her new school is huge compared to her small country school and she soon learns the schoolyard politics and the grouping systems of the new environment, such as the A group (the bitches) all the way down to the Z group (queers and weirdo’s). The book presents issues that the Australian teenagers back in the early to mid 2000’s may have faced because they started using the Internet when social media was a fairly new concept on mobile devices and computers. The topics I’m going to be discussing from this novel will be ranging from cyber bullying, bullying, stereotypes, hardships, the internet, and internet language. I believe that McCaffrey has presented cyber bullying in a very realistic way. Avalon drew a lot of attention from a lot of people when she arrived to her new school for obvious reasons such as…show more content…
The Internet played a huge role in bullying Avalon. A cyber bullying campaign against her was initiated where people made up rumours about her and harassed her on her emails and texts. “But wait there’s more…the reliable source tells us that before slag gave birth to daughter Ruby, she had two abortions” (McCaffrey p.90) This is a fine example of one of the many rumours said about her. In this novel McCaffrey has shown the true and horrible realities many teenagers face online. Due to the anonymity and easy access of websites like these online many people do have to deal with it like Avalon. She has choice not to read the things said about her but her curiosity gets the better of her like it would for many teenagers who have a reputation to look after. With the Internet, comes its own slang. You could even say

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