Kate Chopin, a Writer Of Scandalous Fiction Essay

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Karen Elliott Miss Dennis English 1302.05 March 22, 2011 Kate Chopin, a Writer of Scandalous Fiction Kate Chopin was a Victorian icon who was known for her illustrations of southern life and women’s battles for freedom. In the era Kate lived women were not allowed to voice their opinion, they were to obey their father and husband. “In this man’s world, woman should accept a special standard for the “more expansive” sex, and for herself, she should eagerly welcome the “sanctity of motherhood.” As Mme. De Staie’s Corinne is told: “Whatever extraordinary gifts she may have, her duty and her proper destiny is to devote herself to her husband and to the raising of her children” (Seyersted 103). Kate Chopin an independent woman born way before her time was a rebel, and a writer of scandalous stories who dared to be different. Taking nothing from anyone she was a self-reliant woman who met challenges head on. Kate Chopin was born Katherine O’Flaherty February 8, 1850 in St. Louis, Missouri to Thomas O’Flaherty of Ireland who worked for the railroad, and Eliza Faris whose family was French Creole. English and French were both spoken in Kate’s home, therefore she became fluent in both languages. (Koloski 3). Kate died on August 22, 1904 of a cerebral hemorrhage. Kate began school in 1855 at the St. Louis Academy of the Sacred Heart. There she met the best friend of her youth, Katherine Garesche` whom Kate lovingly called “Kitty.” Kitty chose to join the Sacred Heart Convent in 1870 (Seyersted 18). Later Kate attended one year at the Academy of the Visitation (Koloski 3-4) from which she graduated June 1868 (Seyersted 23). Kate’s older brother Thomas O’Flaherty Jr. was born in 1848, soon after Kate’s birth a sister was born, but she lived only a short while. George O’Flaherty, Kate’s half-brother whom she adored wrote her a letter that she

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