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“Desiree’s Baby” (1) In analyzing Kate Chopin’s writing style, she created a sense of suspense, making the reader to keep on guessing in the story for the most part. She’s was the opposite of Carver. Kate Chopin liked to use similes in her stories. The literary devices used by Chopin was word choice, reference and repetition. In as much as she used each of these to make a particular feature more narrative and easily to identify, she is more descriptive in her stories. “It means….that the child is not white; it means that you are not white.” (Chopin) (2) The specific social issues reflected within this story is the issue of gender roles and racial identity. Chopin was able to create a kind of mystery for the purpose to provoke the anxieties of readers about race and the struggle of women’s equality and the way they were perceived inferior. (3) The outcome of Desiree’s Baby will be different in contemporary times because a woman will be able to go to court, a woman will be able to get a job and make money, if she felt suicidal, she can get help but in the past, the case will be different. (4) The ironic ending was a complete surprise. The ironic ending was not just a tragic and catastrophic but may also have been found entertaining by some readers because of the suspense. (5) I won’t say the story was satisfying for me but I will definitely say, it was entertaining. The story was not just entertaining to me because of its ironic end but also how women back then were portrayed as weak and useless and helpless without men .in which the case is different in today’s society. Another part interesting was the issue of racism and how it was perceived back then in the

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