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Tana Kersey Ms. Sally Crane ENC1102 03 February 2014 Tana, I like your analysis of the settings, objects, and actions serving as symbols for various aspects of Mrs. Mallard’s pesonality. Nicely done! If you closely read your second paragraph, however, you do not seem to explain how settings do so. Read my in-text comment for further explanation. Also, please do not forget to insert your in-text citations, and try to improve your lexile score! We will work on this task together. In all, though, you write a good first essay. 33/42 SC Title Kate Chopin utilizes symbolism in “The Story of an Hour” to represent more complex ideas. She particularly uses symbols involving settings, objects and actions to represent certain aspects of her life. These symbols allow for a better understanding of her reaction to her husbands unexpected death. Kate Chopin uses words like open square, delicious breath, aquiver, new spring life, and twittering sparrows to symbolize freedom. Mrs. Louise Mallard looking out through the window gives her a taste of freedom, but she is still confined by her house. As she continues staring out of her bedroom window, she looks up at the sky; she sees clouds and patches of blue sky showing throughout the clouds. She becomes entranced by one of the patches of blue sky and becomes suspended in a deep thought about her unrestricted future. These settings are all examples of her freedom that she desires. In “The Story of an Hour,” objects are used to represent a better understanding of her reaction to her husband’s death. “The trees that were all aquiver, the peddler was crying his wares in the street below, and the notes of a distant song that someone was singing” all illustrates how much of life she is missing out on. The flying sparrows are displayed as the flight of the protagonists’ sovereignty. The clouds symbolize foreshadowing to show that

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