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Evelyn Condo Dr. Pamela Tolbert-Bynum English 102 08 March 2013 Kate Chopin Kate Chopin, the author of “The Story of an Hour,” introduces the main character, which is Louise, a women who suffers from heart disorders. Kate’s purpose in writing “The Story of an Hour,” was to show her readers a mirror image of her own life experience by having the character Louise represent her. In “The Story of an Hour,” Louise is starting to feel freedom at to the news of her husband’s death, and feels like she has no more strings attached to him. Her husband did not exist anymore. Kate may have felt the same way, she began to do what she was good at after her husband’s death, which was writing and turned out to be successful. She began to earn her own money and began to be independent. Kate Chopin’s life experience had an influence on why she decided to write “The Story of an Hour.” In the beginning of the story, the reader is introduced to a tragic scene where the main character, Louise Mallard, was given bad news from her sister in regards of her husband dying in a train accident. Kate Chopin’s own father also died in a train accident, however in the story the man returning unharmed is a fictional twist because in reality, Kate’s father never came back home. (katechopin.org) This could perhaps have been something Kate fantasized about her father coming back home one day, unharmed, like Louise’s husband did. Josephine is Louise’s sister, described as a caring, kind and nurturing person, who has sympathy for her sister’s tragic moment. All these character traits were probably familiar and respected by Kate, having in mind that she grew up with strong women that were there when she needed and exemplary. (katechopin.org) After her father died, Kate lived at home with her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, all widows. Her great-grandmother, Victoria Charleville oversaw

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