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Kate Chopin ABSTRACT Sometimes it’s difficult dealing with the loss of a loved one, especially if it’s your spouse. Death is not easy for anyone to deal with but surly we all must deal with it one day. Kate Chopin was a lady that was faced with issues with the loss of her husband. In reality her husband died in 1882 with Malaria. Many of Chopin’s stories were about how she felt, her insight on life an about convention and reality. In Kate Chopin “Story of An Hour” Mrs. Mallard was relieved that Mr. Mallard was dead because, she might have been unhappy, he no longer had to suffer, and deserves joy. Mrs. Mallard has been sick for a while. Chopin states “she was afflicted with heart trouble. When her sister Josephine told her the news of her husband’s death, I believe she was unhappier. Being that Mrs. Mallard was already sick and then hearing the news sadden her heart. Mrs. Mallard had to take care of her husband and beige that they bother was sick, it may have weakened their marriage. Mrs. Mallard “wept once with sudden, wild abandonment, in her sister’s arms”. The Mallards marriage was probably based off of taking care of each other. That is why I believe Mrs. Mallard was unhappy. Secondly, Mrs. Mallard no longer had to suffer. She would have no one to follow her, she not only was unhappy, but also felt like she didn’t have to suffer and no longer did he. Even though she wasn’t the first to find out about her husband’s death, she felt like it was a relief that he didn’t have to suffer. Not only her, but trying to take care of him as well as herself. When someone you love dearly is sick, or got killed, sometimes it may feel as if you’re the only one mourning. I know Mrs. Mallard loved her husband, but probably was glad as well that that he no longer had to suffer. Lastly in Kate Chopin “Story of An Hour” Mrs. Mallard deserves

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