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Conform Kate Chopin was an accomplished writer although her recognition wouldn’t come, but a couple decades later. She is probably best known for her 1899 novel, “The Awakening”. Biography Resource Center, published by Thompson Gale, states “For this novel Chopin faced critical abuse and public denunciation as an immoralist, and she consequently abandoned writing. In more recent years, however, The Awakening has grown in stature, and it is now recognized as a masterpiece of its time” (1). Katherine Chopin has composed numerous writings which promoted female self-assertion and sexual liberation. Most of her critics interpreted these writings to be immoral, because she spoke on subjects like adultery and suicide which were no where near appropriate topics of conversation for socialites in the late 1800’s. According to the Encyclopedia of World Biography, published by Gale Research “Chopin was born in 1851 into a prominent St. Louis family” (1). She was raised by her mother and grandmother whom traveled the social circles of the French-Creole community. Kate’s father was an Irish immigrant who successfully dabbled in many different business ventures. He died when Kate was only four, ironically enough, on a train traveling the Pacific Railroad which he helped found. Over the years Kate would develop a close relationship with her mother and half brother, but more so with her grandmother. Her grandmother taught her how to play the piano, told her stories of the old French settlers who resided in St. Louis and offered moral support. Kate’s half brother died after being captured as a confederate soldier and then catching typhoid fever. Then shortly after that her grandmother died as well. These tragedies pushed young Kate into seclusion. She would spend hours in the attic hiding, with only her poetry books and novels as a source of comfort. After college,

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