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Yolanda English 1020 Michael November 20, 2011 An Hour of Freedom Imagine winning the Mega Million Lottery and making plans to spend the money only to have it stripped before one can spend a dime. A person would feel devastated and disappointed that he or she never got a chance to spend the money. In essence, this is what happened to Mrs. Mallard dreams of experiencing such freedom, independence, and happiness from a lifetime of oppression in her marriage. Mrs. Mallard grows excited and begins to fantasize about living life for herself. With this realization, she wishes that “life might be long” (517, 15) her dream is taken away from her very quickly. The moment she finds out that her husband is alive and well, she dies because her dreams and desires collapse. She could not imagine herself going back to live under Mr. Mallard’s authority. Kate Chopin, “The Story of An Hour” addresses Mrs. Mallard, a sympathetic wife whose reaction to her husband’s “death” can be justified because she wanted to be free. Throughout history, women like Mrs. Mallard, had fewer rights and freedom then most men. They were not allowed to vote, own property, or even assert their will. In the story, Mrs. Mallard believed that the death of her husband would give her the strength to reclaim the right to her liberty. “What could love the unsolved mystery, count for in the face of possession of self assertion which she recognized as the strongest impulse of her being?”(517, 10) Mrs. Mallard wanted to be free from a life that was controlled by men. She wanted to be the one that was in control of her destiny and dreams. In addition, women could not divorce their husbands because separation was not acceptable by society. However, widows were accepted in society, and it was the only option that was available to Mrs. Mallard at that time. Finally, she could be liberated from

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