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Hip hop music has long been criticized by parents, teachers, and the adult world alike. It is uncertain if it is the music itself is influencing teenagers negatively. Another possibility is that it is seen negatively because most middle-aged and older adults just don't understand it. Researchers are attempting to deconstruct the hip hop culture to solve this mystery. Experts hope to be able to better inform parents on the culture and how it influences their children who surround themselves by it. There is a popular judgement that all hip hop music is bad for you, but what researchers are trying to do is put things on an even playing field for adults to better understand the culture. Most teenagers in a study conducted on this subject were sexually experienced. It was found out, however, that the sexual lyrics and form of dancing, "grinding," that goes with it was not the cause for such behavior. The major influence was found to be typically drugs, alcohol, and peer pressure. It was learned that hip hop music is a support system and social culture dominating youths. Researchers have used this knowledge to more effectively get messages across to youths using the slang and language of hip hop. Hip hop still has its mysteries to most adults, but it is certain that it is a culture that has united generations of youths. Hip hop is a culture that emerged first in New York City in the 1970s. At the time the ethnicity of the culture was mostly African-American and Latinos. It is a style or rhythmic, rhyming lyrics known as rapping. By the end of the decade, this type of music had exploded throughout the entire country, specifically in the areas of its origin (New York City, New Jersey, and Philidelphia). Entering the 1980s, serious regional diversity began to also emerge. During the early 1980s, the Chicago and L.A. regions began establishing their own rap styles and

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