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Who is this boy? Where is he going? Where are his parents? What is his future? Does he even have a present? Thousands of children wonder the valleys of Kashmir looking for their future and, chances are, they will never find one. The conditions in Kashmir get worse everyday. Thousands of people are living lives of refugees in their own country. The region is transforming into one of the most victimized areas by terrorists in the world. These events draw American attention as it is fighting a war against terrorism. Moreover, America wants to hold friendly yet strict relations with India because India is becoming one of the most prosperous arms markets with a booming economy. As New York Times, article “Treasures from a Land in Tumult” said, “Firestorms in paradise is the nutshell history of Kashmir, that luxuriant valley scooped out of mountains in northwest India.” (Online, New York Times) In international relations today, only a few border disputes contribute to international conflicts. Besides Palestine and Israel border conflicts, Kashmir’s accession and Indo-Pak cross border disputes has been on the news quite often recently. Especially after Indian and Pakistani nuclear proliferation acts, the issue has gained major global attention. Pakistan now has at least six nuclear weapons and India happens to possess 50 to 200 nuclear weapon and weapon parts, and could assemble a few nuclear bombs in a matter of days. (FAS Pakistan, Indian Embassy, FAS India, NTI ). This conflict stirred up during the years of Indian independence, 1947-48. The British had ruled the Indian sub-continent for more than 200 hundred years and finally granted the country independence on 15th August 1947. Along with independence, the country acquired a whole age of conflict because before leaving the British government played its last move and divided the country into Muslim Pakistan and

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