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The Early and Middle Child Development The stages of human development, from childhood to late adulthood provide very interesting information for all different ages of people to acknowledge. For this reason, either gender male or female should know what is happening in their stages of life from the day their mother conceived them. Therefore, I want to talk about the first two years of age and middle childhood because most people do not know what happened in these stages around them because they were not self-aware. I believe I have chosen the middle child hood because I suffered in it a lot, in school, from friends, family, and physically. Unfortunately, we do not remember what happened in our first years unless our parents tell us or they have a video memoir of some weird movements or things we used to do. Habitually, we can know and remember what happened with us in the emerging adolescence, and late adulthood, and we understand everything around us and inside us, but we mostly have forgotten what happened in the years from the first two years to the age of eleven. The traditional method of receiving an education about children is by human nature. Many parents are choosing to learn how to raise their children and know more about their children’s lives by taking classes or sessions of child rearing. Moreover, parents should be educated enough about their children’s biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial development. Therefore, I will be writing about the biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial development of the first two years of the child and the middle

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