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Life and Career of Karen Horney PSY/310 September 20, 2010 Life and Career of Karen Horney In women’s psychology, Karen Horney is a well-known name. She is known as pioneer of psychoanalysis, and as a theorist in personality. She is responsible for giving a new point of view to the issue of women’s thinking in psychology. She has contributed to the field of psychology by using issues in her own life to explore women’s attitudes and how society contributed to the lives of women. Childhood Karen Horney was born as Karen Danielson in Hamburg, Germany in 1885. She was born to Clotide and Berndt Danielson. As a child, Karen faced many issues growing up. Karen believed that although her father spent time with her and lavished her with gifts that he was a strict parent and preferred the company of her brother. From the age of nine, Karen struggled with issues such as depression. She blamed some of her depression on her brother whom she had a crush on. Her brother’s rejection was more than she could handle. After the rejection she began to act out and rebel. The rejection also made her feel unattractive. She believed that if one were unattractive, focus should be on school and becoming educated. Education to her was the best alternative to being pretty. Education Karen began her education at a time when education for women was not greatly accepted. Society did not support or reward women in the classroom for their accomplishments. When she decided to attend college, she had to justify her reasons for pursuing an education to her family. In 1906, she was accepted to the University of Freiburg in Germany. In 1908, she transferred to the University of Gottingen. In 1913, she became a graduate at the University of Berlin with her medical degree. Family Karen married Oskar Horney. She met Oskar while attending college and he was studying law. Karen and Oskar

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