Kara Foster: A Short Story

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Prologue: Do you ever have that feeling where your whole entire world is falling away from underneath your feet? No. Sometimes. Always. Never. Well I do. Well actually am having that feeling right now. As you read this you will get to know why I feel this way. Well wait I guess I could tell you some of what happened. To start off my name is Kara Foster. Don’t ask for my middle name I probably won’t tell you unless you get close to me, which probably won’t happen for a while do to my situation. You see I did something you probably should never do. Before you start jumping to the conclusion that I killed myself let me tell you I didn’t. Although I feel as if I deserve it my friends would never let me actually go through with that idea. Also…show more content…
I quickly scrawled down my reply to that and threw it at him. Meet me at your car after school! We needa talk! –Karabear Chapter Three: The rest of the day went by slowly. Nothing special or really entertaining happened after first period. Right now I was sitting in my English class taking notes and stuff I had already learned all throughout my school years. Sometimes I just wanna yell "nobody cares" really loud in their faces. The second hand on the nearby clock was ticking by extra slowly as if it just wanted to mock me. Every time the clock ticked I got more and more anxious for my upcoming conversation with Zac. I don’t even know why I am this nervous about our conversation. I’ve been friends with Zac for so long that I can probably tell you more about him than he could. I think it’s because he knows about the whole Jenni and Brandon thing, because how did he honestly find out? Him and Jenni aren’t that close after all she’s always talking to Jesica or Brandon. The sound of the clock ticking only grew louder in my head. Tick. I tapped my pencil on my desk repeatedly. . Tick. My leg started to bounce up and down at a fast pace. Tick. My heart pace began to quicken…show more content…
Possibly even love her, but she’s so out of my league and will never like me back.” “Any girl would be lucky to have you.” I spoke slightly jealous. “Really?” Zac asked softly. “You are amazing Zac.” “The thing is this girl is just absolutely amazing too. She has everything I look for in a girl and more. She’s the most beautiful girl I have ever managed to lay my eyes on. I know this is really sappy and I probably sound so unmanly but it’s all true.” Zac said with so much emotion in his eyes. “She must be stunning.” I said through gritted teeth trying not to sound jealous. “She is.” Zac spoke whilst looking me dead in the eyes. “What’s her name?” I asked wanting to know who the girl was that had his heart. “You.” “You? I don’t know any girls named you. Wait a second. Me?” I said confused. “Yes, Kara the girl you.” “What even?” “I like you Kara a lot more than I should. Please don’t hate me.” Zac said repeating his words from earlier, but this time with much more emotion than last time. “I could never hate you Zac. I don’t have it in me to hate you.” I said with all the truth in the world. “You might after I do this.” Zac spoke confusing me. “After you do wh-“ I spoke before being interrupted with his lips on

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