Kaplan University Cj 233 Forensic Psychology Unit 2 Assignment Professor Araujo

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Lacey Smith November 25th, 2014 CJ 233: Forensic Psychology Professor Araujo Unit 2 Assignment “Psychologists long defined their role essentially as that of a scientist engaged in research or in the applied work of psychometrist; later the role of therapist assumed prominence.” (Lyons, n.d). Within recent years, psychologists have increasingly assumed new professional roles within institutional settings such as the criminal justice field. The criminal justice field has sparked the most interest with psychology due to the need for psychological intervention along with the multitude of ethical questions that lead to a debate within the psychology profession. However, with the interests and need for having psychologists working within the criminal justice field this has created a variety of different roles in which these professionals will have and also a change in which creates a working relationship between the law and psychology. The criminal justice system consists of many different professionals who all have different duties and responsibilities. Within the criminal justice system we have psychologist who work as: basic scientists, applied scientists, expert witnesses, policy evaluators, forensic evaluators, and advocates. All of these psychologists play a role in which helps strengthen the criminal justice system. These professionals have roles within law enforcement, corrections, and courts system. We are going to describe each of these psychologists and we are going to discuss the roles that they play within the criminal justice field. A basic scientist “pursues knowledge for its own sake.” (Green, 2011). These basic scientists study for the satisfaction of understanding the law and contributing to scientific advances within the law. Applied Scientists are “dedicated to applying knowledge to solve real-life problems.” (Greene, 2011). Many times

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