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Name: Nguyen Thi Phuong Mai Class: IBBUS 3.1 ID: 3912ISB0050 Course: Organizational Behavior Lecturer: Mr. Quoc Hung ASSIGNMENT The case “Goran Kapicic at Actavis China” 1. Identify the factors that contributed to Kapicic’s successful turn-around of the company. Generally speaking, there are many factors, both internal and external factors that have contributed to the way Kapicic managed Actavis in China. In an effort to make a successful turn-around, some certain ones have stood out above the others, such as improving management process and fostering motivation among employees, and so forth. Given the choice, I would like to select and profoundly interpret some of the factors that are important enough to be listed in the process of turning around Actavis: + The first factor for Kapicic successful to turn-around the company is his way of living and his working style. He took this job because he like challenges and feel excited when he came to rescue an ailing company. As many people think that coming to China to raise Actavis up is impossible, Kapicic wanted to prove the opposite that he could make the company alive again. He had the strong enthusiasm with this challenge so that he come to China and generated his inside power to overcome hardship. + The second factor is his refreshing leadership style. With friendly attitude, he has changed the way people work by empowered and energized them. Kapicic gave his employees autonomy to do their work and encouraged people to take charge of their own problems. According to John Quincy Adams, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”. Kapicic always listened to his staffs, created a best environment for them to work and provided the necessary motivation at the right time. + The third factor is he understands and respects the local business environment.

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