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Kant Essay

  • Submitted by: pistachiojosh
  • on January 16, 2013
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Many philosophers throughout history have had their own system of judging actions upon morality. When deciding on how to weigh actions morally, many individuals find it hard to come up with a general consensus. Immanuel Kant is one of these philosophers with a distinct system for weighing our actions. Kant made a statement saying "I ought never to act except in such a way that I could also will my maxim should become a universal law." Kant's quote is saying he will only act morally abiding by universal laws and truths. This is a fair and logical way to judge morality. However, experts will respectfully disagree on his interpretation. Situational ethics is on the other end of Kant’s universal spectrum, and is the safer approach towards judging morality. Joseph Fletcher, a twentieth century philosopher, was the pioneer of this system. Both of these systems have significant benefits and shared costs.
Abiding by universal “maxims”, or truths, has many benefits. One particularly important benefit of universality is that “Each maxim appears to have happiness as its aim.” (Johnson). Since every person’s goal is to ultimately be happy, the use of maxims would be the typical medium for moral evaluation (Johnson). This is beneficial to everyone because there would be a set standard of “maxims” and therefore, morally, everyone would think in the same way. In addition to everybody “playing by the same rules”, it creates takes a leap towards a more morally utopian society. Fletcher’s model of situational ethics focuses on loving your fellow man. His version of situational ethics is looking at each individual case separately that deals with morality, and applying the circumstances around it (“Situational”). Fletcher stated that “The only absolute is Love.” and that “Love should be the motive behind every decision.” (“Situational”). The moral flexibility of Fletcher’s situational ethics model is its primary benefit. This system allows people to make their own decision...

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