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Biography of Immanuel Kant 1724 - 1804 Immanuel Kant was born in 1724, on April 22 in Königsberg, Russia. He was the fourth of nine children. His father, Johann Georg Hamann, learned harness making from his father and grandfather. His mother, the former Anna Regina Reuter, the daughter of a saddler, was born in Nuremberg. Immanuel grew up in a blue-collar district on the edge of town among workers, craftsmen, and shopkeepers whose values revolved about hard work and religious piety. Both parents were devoted followers of the Lutheran Church, which taught that religion belongs to the inner life expressed in simplicity and obedience to moral law. The influence of their pastor made it possible for Kant to obtain an education. At the age of eight Kant entered the Pietist school that his pastor directed. While there for eight and a half years, Kant got his lifelong love for the Latin classics, especially for the naturalistic poet Lucretius. He enrolled in the University of Königsberg as a theological student in 1740. He attended courses in theology and even preached on a few occasions, he was also attracted to mathematics and physics. Aided by a young professor who had studied Christian Wolff, a Rationalist philosophy, and who was also an enthusiast for the science of Sir Isaac Newton. After the death of his father in 1746, he found employment as a family tutor and, during the nine years that he gave to it, worked for three different families. With them he was introduced to the influential society of the city, acquired social grace, and made his farthest travels from his native City to the town of Arnsdorf. In 1755, he returned to the university to successfully defend the dissertation, and was given the post of assistant professor. In these early years he taught about twenty-eight hours

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