Kansas State Food Project Essay

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Kansas food consists of barbeque and wheat products. The top commodities are cattle, corn, wheat, and soybeans. It is known as the Sunflower State since sunflowers symbolize the frontier days when the Indians used sunflowers for food. Kansas has a variety of festivals that take place year round. The National Festival of Breads is held in June and it celebrates the art of baking and encourages citizens of Kansas to go back to their roots and bake recipes that originated in Kansas. The festival has different categories where people can choose to compete in different contests to win prizes like cash or even kitchen appliances. Another festival type day is the International Pancake Day. It is celebrated the day before Lent in place of Mardi Gras. The annual tradition consists of a competition between Liberal, Kansas and Olney, England with women running down the streets flipping pancakes. This tradition is over 60 years old. There are many other festivals that take place but they have different traditions and different styles of food. The Flying W Ranch is a great place to visit if you choose to visit Kansas. Reservations are required but it is worth the wait. The ranch includes dining, lodging, and activities including horseback riding, wagon rides, hiking, and many more. It is a one of a kind experience that is enjoyable and memorable. Another great place to visit is Oklahoma Joe’s which is located in Kansas City. You can eat in, take out, or have your food catered. Oklahoma Joe’s is known for its barbecue sauce since it placed first in an international barbecue sauce contest. The ethnic heritage in Kansas varies greatly. During the nineteenth century, Kansas was opened to immigrants from the eastern United States. It especially attracted African Americans, Swedes, Germans, Russians, the English, the French, and immigrants

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