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Kansas State Court System Robert Gunnels The State of Kansas’ court systems are, like many other states, primarily based on a three tier structure. Just as the way the federal court system is established. In giving a little history, under article 3 of the state’s constitution the Kansas court system was established. Including trial courts, the State Supreme Court along with other courts provided by law (Merritt, n.d.). In keeping with the primary tier structure of my states court system, starting with the lower level court known as the Municipal Courts. Even though the Municipal Court System is not really a part of the primary tier structure. I felt I would cover it as a part of the overall court structure of the state. The judges of the Municipal Courts are selected by a partisan vote their length of term is usually 2 years. These courts usually handle presumed ordinance violations inside county or city jurisdictions. The case is heard without a jury but with the use of attorneys (n.a., 2007). The Kansas District Court system is the actual starting point of the primary tier structure of the Kansas court system. These courts are considered the main trial courts within the state, established under the guidelines of the state’s constitution. With having standard and true authority in the presiding of civil and criminal cases, such as, juvenile issues, estates administration and probate, divorce and domestic relations, care of the mentally ill and small claims, to name a few. There are 31 separate judicial districts within the state, having 163 presiding judges combined. Allowing each county to have its own district court, although the number of presiding judges will differ from one district to another. A point of interest is that if a person is found guilty of an offense in a municipal court, they may appeal that decision to the district court within their

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