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In the movie “Kandahar”, there is a scene where a bride is traveling the desert for her wedding. However the bride was not alone, she was traveling with other women. Because of this scene people from around the world would think that a wedding would appear to be like the scene, however after much research it appears to be that a wedding is nothing like it. Today, a wedding is more modern and American compared to the wedding scene in Kandahar. Nowadays weddings are more cheerful and lively compared to the scene in Kandahar. On the wedding day, special meals are planned because it is a very special occasion since the bride’s family is giving away their daughter to the groom. A wedding always begins in the evening around 4-5 o’clock. For about two or three hours, guests begin to arrive and family members would usher them into their seats. The room for the wedding is orientated so that on the right side of the room there are rows of women sitting, while on the left side it is for the men. Then around 7-8 o’clock, the musicians arrive, begin to play, and entertain the guests until the ceremony beings. However even though the wedding has started the bride is nowhere near the building, because she is usually taken to a beauty saloon and arrives around 8-9. She is taken to her chamber to wait until the musicians play the special wedding song. Little girls would sit with the bride because it shows that they want to get married. As the night continues, the guests and family members would eat in the dining hall while the bride eats alone in her chamber. Soon after the meal is done, the musicians play the special wedding song. This song is a signal for the bride to leave her room. She is escorted by her mothers and/or sisters to a sofa. Once the wedding song is over the bride and groom sit on the sofa. It is believed that whoever sits on the sofa first would be the dominant

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