Kamikazies of WWII Essay

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The Kamikazes of World War II consisted of young, inexperienced pilots who were recruited throughout Japan. They flew aircrafts or planes into their targets, killing both themselves and people in their surroundings. The kamikazes were trained in a few days and were under high command. Suicide bombers today, similar to the Kamikazes, also killed others through the killing of themselves. To the Japanese, the Kamikaze attacks are based on love and honor for ones own county. They are respected later for dying for their people. To them, suicide is losing one, but killing hundreds. To Americans, it is the opposite, how can one kill themselves for the sake of killing hundreds of others. Terrorism targets innocents, and no one is a hero or respected for killing innocents. The attacks of the Kamikazes of World War II were attacks on military men and women. They attacked the sailors and nurses and other military officials at the time. The attack of 9/11 was an attack on the civilians, not the military. In the attacks during WWII, the Japanese sacrificed many more than just 19 hijackers, like they did on September 11th. Both today and in the time era of World War II both attacked as a surprise, and very early in the morning when no one expected it. That put a damper on the attack back of the Americans because they had no time to react. Also, in 1945 and today they used the same type of tactics to kill. But now the tactics are more practical. They took normal planes and took the innocent people who were on the plane, to the death of the people of their own country making twice as many people suffer for the one purpose of the bomber. In 1945, the bombers just destroyed the plane, killed themselves and killed their target. During the battle of Okinawa, which started in April of 1945, Kamikaze planes attacked the American Navy anchored off of Okinawa. There

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