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Kamesh Is so Poor Criminal Justice Essay

  • Submitted by: shadow17
  • on August 12, 2012
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "Kamesh Is so Poor Criminal Justice" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Table of Contents
Chapter Topics 4
Learning Objectives 4
Summary of Chapter 4
Key terms 5
Historical Development 5
Police Roles and Functions 6
Crime prevention 6
Crime mapping 6
Law Enforcement 6
Order Maintenance 7
Police Recruitment 7
Basic qualifications 7
Preferred qualifications 7
Police Training 7
Police Officer Numbers and Workload 8
The Cost of Policing 9
Police Powers 9
Arrest 9
Use of force 10
Discretion 10
Accountability of the Police to the Public 11
Three questions we ask of the police? 11
Formal and informal modes of accountability 11
Formal accountability 11
Informal accountability 11
Agencies for Public Complaints against the Police 11
The “evil parts” of policing 12
The Police and the Community 12
The Patrol 12
Reactive Policing 12
Traditional Police Practice 12
Proactive Policing 12
Proactive-Reactive Patrol (or Split-Force Patrolling) 12
Police as “generalists” 13
Team Policing 13
Crime attack strategies 13
Tactical/Directed Patrol 13
Discussion: Closed-circuit television for crime prevention 13
Crime Prevention Programs 13
Do crime prevention programs prevent crime? 14
Evaluation of Police Performance 14
Clearance Rate 14
Crime Rate 14
Fear reduction 14
Changes in Policing 15
The Broken Windows Model 15
Problem oriented policing 15
Community policing 15
Community Policing 15
Community Policing Strategies 16
Problem solving 16
The iceberg rule 16
Community partnership 16
Foot Patrol 17
More citizen contact with police 17
Edmonton Police Neighbourhood Foot Patrol Study 17
Challenges of Community Policing 17
The police organization 17
Citizen participation 17
Program continuity and stability 17
Multicultural programs 17
Program transferability 18
Fill-in-the-Blank Questions 18
References 19

The Police
Chapter Topics
Historical development of policing
Police roles and functions
Police powers
Police work

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