Kamazon Project Intro to Networking Essay

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Kamazon Upgrade Technical Progression Technical Objectives: * To upgrade Kamazons current hardware to 1GB Standards. * To sustain current work and do little to interfere Equipment upgrades: * CAT6 cable: 1,790 feet of cable * NETgear R800 * 1 wireless /w cradle Worth Data 5100 Series TriCoder * cisco small business router * HP Managed 44 Port Ethernet switch Floor Plan layout: We plan to upgrade each floor with a wireless router. The management office will have 1 router with hardwired computers/printers/scanners into the system that way anyone using a lab top for presentations or any guest that may need to use the internet may. The HR/Financing/Marketing will have two routers to help cover all areas in the office area while also hardwiring all computers and Printers/scanners into the system. The Web sales & Services, R&D, IT will also have two wireless routers for full coverage of the area. We will also be hardwiring most of the computers in these departments into the system to make things easier for most users in the department. The warehouse will be the only area with one wireless router. This is to help with stocking and if you want to add tablets or portable computers to the system to help with inventory. We also recommend using a Worth Data 5100 Series TriCoder with a cradle to keep a running inventory and we will have a hook up for one computer with the option for up to 4 for growth. What we would like to see is all computers on the network with options to grow in the future. Equipment looking to put into service: Equipment | Qty. | Price | NETGEAR R8000 | 6 | $1799.94 | Worth Data 5100 Series TriCoder | 1 | $799 | cisco small business router | 1 | $194 | HP Managed 44 Port Ethernet switch | 3 | $7701 | 1,790 feet of Cat6 wiring | $250/ 1000ft | $500 | | Total: | $37,151.34 | Kamazon

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