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Description | What is the Invoice about? (PURPOSE)The purpose is to give an overview of the electricity bill. | Who is the (BP Electricity Bill) for? (AUDIENCE)The Audience is aimed at Adults. | Describe the (BP Electricity Bill) design in detail (consider: size, type of paper, use of colour, printing process, amount of text, style of text, use of graphics etc.)The font size used in the invoice is between 10 to 12. The size of the paper is A4 (20.99cm in length and 29.7cm in width). A section of the document has 2 small information boxes with background colour but overall the document has a white background with brief description. The writing in the invoice is done in black colour, and also the page orientation is portrait, which is used for the printing purposes. The style of the text is done as a serif style. There are also many graphics included in the invoice. First of all the invoice is done in a table format. Secondly, it has important information underlined and is also done in italic format and in bold writing. | What typical features of this type of document does it contain?The addressee and the logo name of the organisation. The document is formatted in a table and also includes the bill date and a brief info on the organisation and also includes features such as (barcode) etc. | Evaluation | Good PointsIt is eye catching because it is not fully plain and uses background colours. | Bad pointsSome font sizes are small, so it is hard for short sighted people to see. | Is it fit for purpose?Yes it is, because it portrays the information perfectly | Is it fit for the Audience?Yes it is, because the writing style and the other features such as (font size) etc, are suitable for adults. | ImprovementsMake information less, because too much information on one page making the page cramped up. | An invoice is something that a seller gives to

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