Kaleb Stebens Case Summary

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Procedure: The plaintiff, Kaleb Stebens is appealing from the trial court’s decision of their summary judgments in favor of all defendants rather than ruling in favor of him. Facts: Kaleb Stebens was a pledge and a resident of the FarmHouse Fraternity in Ames, Iowa. His bedroom was located on the 3rd floor of the house where he was instructed to keep the window by his bunk bed open at all times. Stebens stated that he had no problem with the 3rd floor room, and did in fact feel safe living there. On September 6, 2008, Stebens attended a party hosted by Joseph Baye and 3 of his roommates at their apartment, also located in Ames. Prior to attending the party Stebens had asked Kyle Penney, a fellow fraternity member, to purchase him some alcohol. Penney, who admittedly knew Stebens was underage, agreed to buy him the alcohol even though he knew it was illegal.…show more content…
After returning home from the party between 3 and 4 a.m, Stebens proceeded to his bed, where he subsequently fell out of his 3rd floor window. Stebens had a previous brain injury from a 1998 incident, and one of the side effects of this was sleepwalking. During disposition, Stebens stated he did not believe that the consumption of alcohol had anything to do with his fall from the window, but stated he thought the sleepwalking caused his fall from the window. Issue: Is it the duty of the court to determine whether the defendants supposed actions of negligence, premises liability, and social host were appropriately decided by the previous court decisions in their summary

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