Kaiser Wilhelm Ii Essay

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Kaiser Wilhelm II He was born on the 27th January, 1859 in Berlin. He died on the 5th of June, 1941 in Netherlands. He was the oldest grandson of Queen Victoria and Cousin of King George V. He was the Emperor of Germany in during the First World War and King of Prussia. He had a strong, outgoing personality. He was strong, even with a withered arm; he was smart but only knew about what he needed to know about his job. He was educated as a teenager in the University of Bonn in Kassel. In 1888, he became the 9th King of Prussia and the 3rd Emperor of Germany. He hated democracy and continued his reign as a dictator. He spent most of the time increasing the military, mostly the navy. The expansion of the navy made Britain enemies. His army was the greatest army of the 5 Empires of Europe. After the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Wilhelm encouraged Austrians to attack Serbia, with his support for war; he did not realize the chain reaction would trigger the great world war. He then sent to Britain a telegram saying “Good Night” and then the war has begun. He created the Schlieffen Plan to attack France in the West, and then Russia after defeating the French, because the Russians are allies with France and will attack Germany and it takes quite a while for them to mobilize. The plan went wrong because the Russians mobilize faster than usual. Britain also entered the war as allies to the French and Russians. Wilhelm tried to decrease the amount of mobilization of the military but was prevented by them. He was excluded from the military decisions, and destroyed the chances of peace by persuading the generals and politicians to continue
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