Kafka On The Shore Essay

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I finally found the guts to read Kafka on The Shore by Murakami. The pdf file just blinked at me as I was trying to scan my files, aiming to have a fresh start for my laptop before the Christmas break ends. It’s tucked away with The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and Alice in Wonderland by C.S. Lewis. I haven’t read The Metamorphosis yet, Alice in Wonderland was short and already I’ve forgotten about the plot, and Kafka on the Shore, I’m halfway through. At first I thought I would hate it. It’s not the first time I’ve encountered Murukami. His other works, Poor Aunt and the Wind-up Bird Chronicles, bored me infinitely. I thought the story was dragging and it was too bland. But Kafka on the Shore really surprised me. It’s stirring something inside me. Like a calm before the storm. It’s still too bland for my taste but it’s the good kind. Like reading simple English and yet creating the most complex stories out of it. I feel neutral but I know that once I finish reading it, I’ll explode, into incomprehensible little bits. That’s how it makes me feel. Unlike Salinger who takes me and shakes me to the core and leaves my mind empty after reading his stories. Murukami fills it with mundane non-sense until my mind could not take it no more and it’ll burst. Right now I’m taking a break. I feel

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