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Kaffe Fassett Kaffe Fassett was born in San Francisco in 1937. Kaffe is a bestselling author, has hosted his own TV series and was the first textile artist ever to have a separate show at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London in 1988. Kaffe ventured into the world of colourful yarn on a visit to a Scottish wool mill with fashion designer Bill Gibb. Inspired by the colours in the landscape, Kaffe was thrilled to find the same colours in yarns. His first designs where featured in Vogue kitting magazine as a full page spread. Fashion house Missoni and Bill Gibb commissioned Kaffe’s early collections. His unique designs have been collected by people like Barbra Streisand, Ali McGraw, Irene Worth, H.RH Princess Michael of Kent and any more. In 1997, Fassett travelled to India for a weaving project (he was asked to go by Oxfam) to work with weavers is a remote village of Andhra Pradesh; where he was taught how to on creating designs that would be more marketable in the West. Fassett's inspiring journey equalled beneficial results for the community as well as some of the most beautiful hand-woven cotton sari fabrics that the village had ever seen. Immediately entranced by the extraordinary colour in these lightweight fabrics, Fassett adapted his knitting patterns to designs for patchwork quilts. The Kaffe Fassett Fabric Collection now extends to hundreds of patchwork and quilting fabrics ranging from wonderful woven stripes and checks to bold and colourful prints. The fabrics are produced by Rowan (known as Westminster Fibres in the USA). Since 1999 Rowan has published a series of Patchwork books featuring these fabrics which continue to be revised and

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