KINE 1000: Lifetime Physical Activity And Fitness Program

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East Carolina University College of Health & Human Performance, Department of Kinesiology KINE 1000: Lifetime Physical Activity and Fitness Program Fall 2015 Instructor: Kayla Murphy (murphykay10@students.ECU.EDU ) Facebook Page: Webpage: LPAF Coordinator Office Telephone: (252) 737-1286 Office Location & Hours: TBD or by appointment I. General Course Description KINE 1000 meets the Physical Activity requirement of the Foundations Curriculum and is a prerequisite for many other EXERCISE AND SPORTS SCIENCE (EXSS) courses. This course will provide: information on the benefits of fitness and physical activity, fitness and skill assessment…show more content…
You will also consider your personal pros and cons for an active lifestyle and identify what might be “in it for you”. 2. LAB 2: 2 options CHOOSE ONLY ONE (10%) Body Composition and Caloric Expenditure You will assess your body composition through Body Mass Index (BMI) and percent body fat. This lab will assess Healthy Fitness Zone based on BMI and percent body fat. Upon completion of this lab, you will be able to assess your body composition by percent body fat and BMI compared to Healthy Fitness Zone. You will also determine the estimated number of calories you burn in a typical day without exercise (basal metabolic rate). You will then determine the estimated number of additional calories you burn during workouts of your choice. OR Stress Management—A coping experiment You will determine stressors in your life, how you cope with them and how you might best cope with them. You will then develop a plan for engaging in a bout of physical activity cope with stress. You will engage in your planned physical activity to “experiment” and journal its impact on your feeling and…show more content…
To this end, the instructor may ask students to dismiss themselves from class, if their behavior is disruptive to their classmates, the instructor, etc. Ejection from class will result in an unexcused absence. Also, following appropriate notice, the instructor may remove students from the course who habitually or excessively do not follow reasonable standards of behavior in the classroom or other academic setting. Students removed from a course under this policy will receive a grade of “drop” according to university policy and are eligible for tuition refund as specified in the current tuition refund policy

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