KFF Week 2: Communication Devices

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KFF Week 3 Pt 2 Sean Rachubka NTC/362 KFF Week 3 Pt 2 When it comes to communications between devices, there is a requirement in which the devices will agree on the format of the data being used. Communications protocols must adhere to the following; the rate of transmission either in baud or bps. The transmission is to be synchronous or asynchronous. Also, the data is to be transmitted in half-duplex or full-duplex mode. Baud transmission is the number of signaling elements that occur each second. At slower speeds, only 1 bit of information is encoded in each electrical change. When saying 1500 baud, it means that 1500 bits are transmitted each second, this is also shown as 1500bps. Communication protocols can also describe the syntax,…show more content…
TCP/IP is the set of rules for communication on which most major networks, such as the Internet, are based. TCP/IP has become standard for transmitting data over the Internet and all operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux. All these operating systems are stocked with the TCP/IP. TCP is the protocol for sequenced and reliable data transfer. Data is broken into pieces and numbers so that the receipt can be verified and the data can be put back in the proper order. TCP is a Layer 4 functionality. Layer 4 functionality is responsible for virtual circuit setup, acknowledgments, flow control, and retransmission of lost damaged data. TCP also provides end to end, connection oriented, reliable, virtual circuit service so I feel this is beneficial to…show more content…
A few benefits from traffic analysis can actually help out a lot. Network security is one of the benefits. If there is an unusual amount of usage designated to a specific port, which could be a sign of a possible network attack of some sort. By staying on top of these traffic reports, you can get the information that will help to detect anomalies in the network behavior. By doing this, it can save a company or organization a lot of money and time that can be spent in trying to recover from these possible attacks. Another instance of traffic analysis being useful is chargebacks. Chargebacks can improve budgeting and forecasting, makes your departments aware of their usage and expenses they incur to the

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